Girl Talk: We Went to the Famous Integratron Sound Bath… and Here’s What Happened

Lora heads to the desert with her gal pals, Leah, Samantha, and Cristina to experience their first ever sound bath.  Instead of heading to a regular run of the mill sound bath, they take a girls’ trip and venture to the world-famous Integratron in Landers, California.  Learn about what a sound bath is, a little bit of history regarding the Integratron, and some background on its creator, George Van Tassel, who apparently received telepathic direction from extra-terrestrials (aka aliens!).  This episode is unique in that it is divided into two parts:  a “before” segment in which they discuss their expectations around this unfamiliar practice and an “after” segment where each reflect on their individual experience.  Listen in, as this episode is out of this world!

About Leah, Samantha, and Cristina // @toneitupleah @tiu_sammo @active.cris_

These strong, fierce ladies are all friends who met through Instagram through the Tone It Up community (aka our most successful, online relationships!).  In August of 2017, they took a girls’ trip to Las Vegas where they experienced all that is Magic Mike Live (if you haven’t seen this show, book it ASAP.  #yourewelcome ) and witnessed the debauchery that is Vegas pool parties together.  Realizing that they travel well together and can can share one bathroom if needed, the four decided to do it all over again.  In 2018, they decided to make this trip an annual to-do and booked a trip to Palm Springs to experience a much needed girls’ getaway and headed to the Integratron.  Lora also recorded several podcast episodes while at the AirBnB with the girls that you can find here (Whole 30 Q&A & Insights) and here (eliminating your fear of the free-weight section)… talk about efficiency!

<– Homemade dinner (taco


–> Recording session (with palomas!)

About the Integratron //

The link above will do a much better job of explaining the history of this infamous structure as well as its creator.  My advice – BOOK EARLY!  Reservations are required, and we booked ours about 3 months in advance.

Show Notes // All The Pictures

The No Reservations – US Desert episode with Anthony Bourdain (RIP) and Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) is below:

And now, here are all the pictures from our own adventure:

Walking in was eerily quiet.

Some rando art.

Proof that we were here. The girls in front of the Integratron.

Chillin pre-sound bath in the hammocks.

The cutest “entrance” ticket.  I think it’s a good reminder, quite frankly.

Because you have to take a selfie in the selfie mirror.

The oculus within the Integratron (aka looking up at the ceiling).

The mats that you lay on.  Also, extra blankets are provided, if needed.

Quartz Crystal Bowls

The shrine designated to no specific god or higher being.