My Fitness Journey (Update!): Triathlon Training, Injuries, and Intermittent Fasting

A lot of things have happened since Lora’s inaugural episode of Burpees In My Thirties…  Listen in to hear an update on your host’s very own fitness journey, the ups, the downs, and all the in-betweens.

Your Podcast Host’s Fitness Journey Updates // @lorabeezy_2.0


Finishing a triathlon is no easy feat.  In September 2017, Lora completed her very first sprint triathlon (0.5 mile swim | 17 mile bike | 4 mile run) with a total time of 2 hours and 18 minutes.  Individual legs are below (hh:mm:ss):

  • Swim Time – 00:20:12
  • Transition 1 Time – 00:08:59
  • Bike Time – 01:10:06
  • Transition 2 Time – 00:03:10
  • Run Time: 00:36:10
  • Total Finish Time: 02:18:38

This year, Lora’s goal is to beat her 2017 time!  Lora has been getting more acclimated to open-water swimming (despite her wetsuit being a tad tighter than last year) and is working on improving being comfortable on her road bike (why are those things so lightweight?!?!).

Intermittent Fasting

Two words: KETO COFFEE.  Intermittent fasting has given Lora increased energy (helloooo waking up before her alarm!) and overall decreased bloating.  Keto coffee is her KEY to making it through the morning without getting hAngry as it helps keep her satiated post-workout.  It’s been two months since implementing intermittent fasting, and her metabolic flexibility has improved over time.  Check out the podcast episode to learn the basics of IF 101!

Lora’s Current FAVES 

Cheese Puff Addiction
I love my cheese puffs.  Something about that neon orange, super highly processed, crunchy air-filled snack really just speaks to my soul.  So when I heard about these “healthier” version of cheese puffs from @lesserevilsnacks, I was on a mission to find them.  They have three flavors (Apple Cider Vinegar, Himilayan Pink Salt, and “No Cheese” Cheesiness) and it was fairly easy to find the ACV flavor at my local Whole Foods.  I purchased two bags, and polished them off in less than a week (don’t judge).  Seeing as how much I LOVED these paleo puffs, I went on a MISSION to find the “No Cheese” Cheesiness flavor knowing my overall obsession with regular cheese puffs.  Literally went to two different Whole Foods, and they were out.  Luckily, at the third Whole Foods, I FINALLY FOUND THEM.  Funny thing is, I prefer the ACV flavor better, largely because the “No Cheese” Cheesiness flavor really tastes like fake cheese to me.  I can still power thru bags and bags of these which make them dangerous, so I try and limit the amount of bags I have in my pantry.  Check the sheer happiness on my face …. so cheesy, I know!

Cookie Monster

These cookies from @rachaelsgoodeats are heavenly.  I actually am starting to prefer these over the sugar-filled regular chocolate chip cookies, as I’m starting to find that they are TOO SWEET for my own taste buds.  The ingredients are super clean, and they’re quick and easy to make!  They are literal perfection for any time you need a sweet treat.  The recipe is linked here, but it literally only has a handful of ingredients (almond flour, cashew butter, coconut oil, baking soda, one egg, vanilla, maple syrup, almond milk, chocolate, sea salt, cinnamon).

Crop It Like It’s Hot

Pardon the sweat, but this cropped-tee has been getting so much love on the gram!  The best part is that it’s so easy to make and is super affordable too.  Just follow the steps below:

  1. Find an old-tee that would look amazing as a crop // Buy a full length t-shirt (boys/mens tees are usually SO CHEAP)
  2. Put it on and mark with a pencil where you want your crop to end.
  3. Take off the shirt with your mark and fold vertically in half to mark the other end (symmetry is key – you don’t want one side longer than the other!)
  4. Start cutting horizontally from end to end with a sharp pair of scissors.  Make sure to allow at least 2-inches of wiggle room (you can always go shorter, but not longer!). I usually cut both the “front” and “back” of the t-shirt at the same time.
  5. Pull the sides of the t-shirt so that the bottom edge “rolls up” and hides any cutting imperfections.
  6. Put on the crop and rock that SHIZZZZZ.